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The healing properties of iran mineral water


The healing properties of Iran mineral water : Water is the most important building material in the human body because water is 70 percent of an adult's body weight. In other words, the body of an adult human has been equivalent to 50- 30-liter water reservoir and if 15 to 20 the percentage of body water loss comes death.


The healing properties of Iran mineral water : Water is the most important building material in the human body because water is 70 percent of an adult's body weight. In other words, the body of an adult human has been equivalent to 50- 30-liter water reservoir and if 15 to 20 the percentage of body water loss comes death.

Water body is in three parts:

1) intracellular water or Construction

2) plasma water or running water

3) the intracellular water or store.


External water or food: namely the drinking water in liquid form or existing in foods. Internal water or Metabolic: namely the water result of reactions and the discharge of metabolic, as well as, amount of water digestive secretions and urine glomer are re-absorbed (in the kidneys) that is called mid exchange. In human, a liter the water is completely absorbed after 25 minutes and entirely excreted after 50 -40 minutes.

Important properties of water and hedrotherapy:

Thirst-quenching and regulate water balance in the body. Helps to eliminate toxins from the body through urine and perspire. Reduce body temperature in fever (In addition to the fever for removing toxins and rinsing the mouth and stomach). Helper in staves off infections and kidney stones. oxygen consumption and excretion of nitrogen and sulfur in the urine are increased.

Application methods water in medical :

to treat dehydration, doctors often use the following methods: Meal simple water is too drugged to the patient. Injection salt or sugar water is called the sugar and salt serum, it injected into the patient in different ways.

Water identifies:

Basically, natural water is essential for human nutrition and if it have medical properties is called hot mineral water reaches for taking therapy.

Dissolved gases in the water:

Healthy drinking water for humans must have some air that the air is contains oxygen, nitrogen and ... . Each of these gases have Especially practical In water. Water contain a lot of oxygen is very important in terms of health, But it produces food problems. For example, Creates deposits in metal pipes.

Use of mineral water has history ancient but the scientific use of water after recognizing their therapeutic effects has been achieved in the last century. Mineral waters are effects especially in the human body or specific areas of the body, the effects is more intense when was taking water directly from the spring water (namely the first point which appears water) . Mineral waters are existed at different points ,each special effect related to the water because of the compound of mineral water is special same the area while has emerged, for example:

Cold calcium sulfate waters, which is called diuretic in the medical term for increasing urine.

Sodium and magnesium sulfate waters, are laxative, namely constipation the patient will be resolved by eating it.

Sodium bicarbonate waters will be affecting the acid (frigidity) and basic (hot freak) balance members.

Hot radioactive sodium sulfur waters, which is useful for the treatment of respiratory diseases

Radioactive waters are cause regeneration and activity tissue and cells the body, increased calcium-making and waters can dilate blood vessels of the body , diuretic and ultimately sedative and bactericidal.

It must be noted that the use of mineral water in addition to structure water other factors such as wheather area and high and treatment method and conditions in the treatment of patients are effective. Generally, a course of treatment should not be regarded as a leisure, but the patient must regularly schedule treatment period, a latter the period spends but the significant point it is sometimes possible during treatment for patients phase (mineral water crisis) occurs that the patient is experiencing discomfort but when the doctor understands should not discontinue cure and therefore, should be treated with caution continued. Today, a station, mineral water source is considered the city medical and patients treated with their physician's supervision. The medical centers exist in France, Italy, Germany, Eastern Europe and Russia, and people are well used.

The source of mineral water use

Despite have been benefits mineral water recommended which Consumption for The following patients Be prohibited: patients with tuberculosis, cancer, heart disease, premature aging, permanent scarring, swelling and high blood pressure. kidneys (nephritis) and etc.

Treatment metodes

Treatment with mineral waters are average the three-weeks treatment period, which whole other facilities are also used include: Specialist medic supervisor patient in the same area, calm environment, regulation of daily life, athletic equipment in the open air, proper diet, alternative methods of treatment for each patient is specific disease example: drinking water, bathrooms, showers, washing injection, use of gas and steam, mud medical and other ancillary procedures.

Treatment with sea water (thalassotherapy):

thalassotherapy is as follows set of actions that are performed with seawater and other items neighboring such as algae, flowers, sand, mud and salt marsh even air. Sea water the first stage is blue and salty and environments containing seaweed and marine animals, in particular, algae and plankton The first maritime climate are stimulused power and then tonic as well as sedative especially in the adjacent highlands. Use sunscreen at the seaside (sun therapy) and air therapy to the skin is possible practically, Which is a necessary when used it the amount of a gradually added.

The first entering sea water was caused contraction of blood vessels in the body ,and the vibration was caused by cold and then expansion of blood vessels starts gastrointestinal and respiratory irritation, Eventually, individuals will feel better ,in general not done more than once per day and every day more than 51 minutes of swimming in the sea water. Under the supervision of a physician can use sea water for drinking, injection, the method, the poultice. It must be understood marine mud baths to treat diseases such as lymphatic vessel disease, osteomalacia (rachitism), some types of cells, paralysis, obesity , etc useful. However, the remarkable point is that angry people and individuals who suffer from chronic diseases and tuberculosis, cancer, they must be regardless of inhabitancy in seaside.


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